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Track Name: Transient - In Delirium
Thickness in the air (I can feel it)
Filling me inside reminding me (the heat will soon overcome) All I am

When being alone is all that you know
You forget how to swim, forget how to float
If you can't live with yourself then how could you ever know how to love?)
When winter is but a memory
I'll grab the hand of the one I've kept close to me
set aside ambivalence and disregard the consequences of trust

Sight may insist that all hell would persist
Clarity finds us only after the fear of heartbreak subsides
When I slow down to catch my breath
My vision clears and I can see that I am the only thing I have left

Regret is a voice that can't be silenced
Blindness ends with retrospect, sight that would make any man
beg to be blind again, free from the notion that this could have all been avoided

I would give anything to go back
and put back the pieces that I now lack
Selfish reactions and countless distractions
I'm still myself but it's only a fraction
Put all my faith in the words that you said
Trusting so easy I'll soon end up dead
I'm starting to think that I'm better off
moving on
I'm better off
moving on